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Apr 25, 2015
9:17 pm
Apr 25, 2015
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Apr 25, 2015
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Apr 24, 2015
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Apr 24, 2015
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Totally stealing this from BubblyPunkKat - who do you think is my sexiest character? 

No deviants said Comment cause seriously I cant list +80 different people here
No deviants said I'm actually really interested in hearing the results of this so yeah hit it



Shipper pirate queen
Artist | Literature

Powered up by chocolate and tea, and with a love for cats, video games, Youtubers and the likes. Heck yeah.
Quick version of getting to know me if you dont wanna read whats down below

So hi, my name is Pixi, you can call me that, tho I also respond to someone calling me 'honey buns' cause that is the cutest pet name ever so you can be free to use that as well. I'm old enough to have a job but I look like I'm fresh out of school. Such a weird thing I have going on here. Also a full time resident of Attitude City in Newton Haven.

Alternatively I go by the title of shipper pirate queen who reigns the silence that kills. You can also call me up as the ultimate rules breaker, AU enthusiast (read; addict), wannabe dolphin-mermaid girl, Fabergé egg hunter, ghost shamer in training, fucking magical as all hell, second rate smut dealer, member of the brick dealing ring, founder of the pan army, quite possibly the cutest unicorn wizard of all time, high appreciator of fine asses, owner of the black belt in amazing and the diploma from the University of Keeping It Real, and all around just your regular kinda girl who sits near the back of the bus listening to music and you would never guess shes listening to songs about dicks. Trust me, thats a thing.

I write way too much, I ship things that I probably shouldnt, I start things that I never finish because I have too much on my plate already at all times, I'm overly ambitious which is not a good thing with me at all, I adore pretty men no matter if fictional or real, I have a need to ramble at all times, I swim in feels and shenanigans with my precious partner in crime like ALL the time, I'm addicted to loads YouTubers and I totally forgot the last thing I was going to say. This happens all the time. Oh yes and I'm extremely slow on answering to comments some times cause I get overwhelmed real easily and dont know what to say oh gosh.

Casually in love with the most important and inspirational man in my life, Leigh Daniel "Danny Y. Sexbang" Avidan.

Speaking of which, I love bunch of dorks who play and film video games (and other fun and lames) for Youtube. Game Grumps, JonTron, Ninja Sex Party, Dodger, Markiplier, ProJared, Jesse Cox, The Completionist and so forth. There are so many oh god.

Talk to me. I'm nice. I think. Okay I'm annoying and clingy, but before that I'm pretty nice so yay. I also like making new friends so~!

To do list stamp -comission- by RanStamps
:iconsocksforocelot: Backup account for stamps and memes and linearts and memes and manips and meme and did I mention memes?

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::AT:: Danny Game Grumps Page Doll by littleblackmariah
I've been asking questions from myself a multiple times today.
What am I doing with this writing thing to begin with?
Would there seriously be anyone out there who would be actually interested in reading what I want to write about?
What do I even write about?
Do I have what it takes to get down with this dream?

I've been wanting to be a writer as long as I can remember. At first I wanted to be a singer or a dancer but that was shot down VERY fast when I got told by some friends that I cant do neither and then there was social anxiety and everything so yeah. When I was a kid, in kinder garden my favorite thing every time was the times when we got to make up stories. I still have those things saved and I remember them and the situations they were created in very vividly. I always got told I was a very imaginative child and I liked a lot of animal stories.
I grew up with little to no friends, again due to social anxiety mostly, which made everyone else think I'm weird cause I'm so shy and quiet and I cry easily. Which ended up with me being alone in recess at school almost on a daily basis and I think everyone else minded that except me - I used to find a nice little place where I could play by myself and create up stories in my head that I would recite to myself and every single day the story progressed and things happened and I was happy in my little world despite not really having friends. I've been in introvert as long as I can remember tho so thats probably why it really wasnt an issue for me.
I've been wanting to be a writer since I was like nine. It started at the same time I got left alone for those recess' so yeah, it definitely had a connection with everything. But I didnt mind. I still dont mind. I still wanna do that, its been a passion as long as I can remember and its a dream I want to achieve every day.

Tho you see, thats the problem. Its been a dream for SO LONG. And I've learned a nice while back that instead of forever talking about wanting to do things, you should actually just DO the things to make them happen.
At least 11 years in the making. What do I have so far? Something I want to get into a shape of publishing but something that I dont know how to deal properly with, to be honest. Yeah, referencing to Silence Kills, I dont even know what genre the story falls for, I dont know what kind of audience I'm writing that shit for, I dont even know if its seriously worth of anything whatsoever. I just. I dont know.
To be honest, I've been very insecure about the whole story and the whole trilogy and everything about it for a long time now. While I personally still love it and its a passion project like no other for me, nearing two years of working time soon enough, I just... I dont know what to do with it. I dont know what its worth, if anything at all. Its that weird thing thats basically consumed every single bit of my time with its things and characters and whatnot, but I'm still not sure. I'm very unsure right now if I ever even want this to be the first thing I get published. I have no idea.

It comes around especially with the fact that I look around myself and while I definitely know I have that support group some people can only dream about, hell I wrote a whole sappy thing about never getting any negative slashes during my entire time I've been doing this shit a while back, I just cant help but to doubt myself and put down the comparison to others. I see so many people who are SO much more talented AND younger than I am and its just. These people will get to places, they start early, they know what they want, and they will get it. Me? I'm a good for basically nothing low life without a real job whose been trying to get something done for 11 years. Oh yeah that sounds amazing.
I know I shouldnt compare myself to anyone else and I dont want to do that but its just. I support everyone else fully in their dreams and I trust everyone else in their things and ambitions so much more than I trust myself. More than I have ever trusted myself despite living in such a loving community as long as I've been around doing things wherever around the internet. Despite all of that I just. I dont know anymore. I dont know if I can do this.

I really want to. I really and truly do. I just dont know if I can. I dont know if its worth of it. Hell I dont even care if nobody else will ever like what I get done, as long as I can have a thing between hardcovers in my hand with my name on the spine of it I'm going to be happy with my life. But I'm not sure if I can achieve even that.
I need to find that something that I'm missing. I just in all honesty dont know what it is. I'm just in an endless loop of 'I dont know' right now and its slowly driving me insane cause I dont know what to do about it at all.

I just feel like I cant do this anymore. With anything. Its not about the trilogy things or anything, its not about the content.
Its about the dream.
Have I finally dreamed too big?
That, I have no answer for.
And I'm not sure if I ever will.


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