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(yanked this from Tumblr but nevertheless!) How do you like my writing? Grade me! [and feel free to add comments and be 150% honest!!] 

4 deviants said A = Awesome! You’re amazing! Are you even real??
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No deviants said C = Not bad, not bad. Room for improvement, but I like it.
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FYI I have my mentions disabled! So in case I am NOT a watcher of yours and you have something for me you want me to see or whatever stuff where you have mentioned me, please NOTE ME ABOUT IT! Thank you~

Powered up by chocolate and tea, occasional drunk. Not very often tho.

I write, therefore I'm an aspiring a writer. Dont say you are an aspiring anything. Just say that you ARE an artist. It doesnt matter if you are good or bad at what you do, as long as you do that shit every day, you ARE AN ARTIST. Thank you to these inspirational words to one of the most important and inspiring men of my life, Leigh Daniel "Danny Y. Sexbang" Avidan.

Talk to me. I'm nice. I think. Okay I'm annoying and clingy, but before that I'm pretty nice so yay. I also like making new friends so~!

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.:Life has finally taken some shape:.

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 31, 2014, 1:27 AM
I said something about this on Twitter yesterday but I just thought I should maybe put some things in order and on one page to make it all clean and simple.

1. summer is almost over THANK GOD. This means few very, VERY awesome things!
1.1. my brother is going back to school. Thank fuck. I've been so tired of having him just hang around, doing nothing the entire days and then bitching at me, coming home from work and the heat and everything, when I dont want to/am not capable/I'm too tired to do anything. So yeah. I get to kick him out on a daily basis in three weeks which will be amazing
1.2. which also leads to the second awesome thing, aka hes starting to get money again. I've paid for EVERYTHING throughout the entire summer which has caused some trouble for myself and paying for my own things, but nevertheless those days are now over. Thank god maybe I can finally pay some overdue bills and get everything finally out of the way now that my income is balanced and I dont have to pay all the rent and everything anymore
1.3. and finally, that means the heatwaves are slowly going to be going away. Thank god since I really do hate them, I cant do much to anything when its super hot, anything +20 degrees is pretty much hell to me if I have to do anything, so its welcome that the air cools off a little bit. ..Right after next weeks +35 degrees, of course! ..I'm probably going to die.

2. I have my work situations sorted out!
2.1. I have three weeks left on my current contract, and after that I have two weeks off since they said I have been working so much without missing a single day when I should have been there and I have done full hours and been so responsible and awesome (their words, not mine) and working the whole summer that I deserve at least couple of weeks off between this contract ending and the next one starting. So very chill days to at least the beginning of September.
2.2. During these five weeks, they are going to search another possible trainee places for me, and in case there is something interesting enough, they'll try to get me a contract there. If not tho, either if they cant get a contract or they dont find anything else, I'll be having my current contract in this place extended for another three months after my few weeks break, woo!
2.3. which basically all summed up means I have this part secured for the next four months + 1 week at least. So I dont have to worry about money and shit before the end of the year. Yaaaaaay
2.4. All the while this is going on, I'll be looking for a real job tho, as these three months are going to look as a great addition to my really empty resume, so I might be getting some of those really feared retailing jobs now that there is at least some experience to be shown. Wooo. I dont personally mind retailing that much, I know it can be a bitch but that entirely depends on the chain you are working on etc. things. So far its been great so I'll be looking forward of maybe sticking with this area who knows. Who knows

3. I'll be aiming to move before the end of the year. Yes I'm aware of the fact that I've talked SO much about it by now without doing anything about it - also thats wrong I've been searching for local apartments and everything, the whole summer thing has just stood in my way since I seriously couldnt move away any earlier or I would have never heard the end of it from the rest of the family how I "left my brother alone when he had no money and he had to survive on his own" and blaah blaah - but the plans havent gone away, especially since it was just few weeks ago when my brother actually brought up the fact that he would also like to move in a place all by himself so its pretty much just a race now to see which one of us gets shit together and done first. I know I'm financially secured enough to do this, it would only be the matter of having enough energy to go look through places and arranging shit etc. to get it done. But before the end of the year. When there is maybe some snow on the ground or at least its not this hot anymore so something can be actually done.

4. A little bit about the artistic endeavors
4.1. I think I posted something about it, but my mouse is busted. And surprisingly enough we dont have a spare in this household. So, I'll get it replaced next Monday when I get money and get around the town for work and things, so I have time to do a little bit of necessary shopping woo. Before that, everything digital is on hold, so no drawings or anything like that cause I suck with the touchpad boo.
4.2. I've decided to take upon me a really difficult challenge. Not the regular kind of 30 day challenge, but an actual 365 day writing challenge. Oh yes. I found this handy little booklet thing online that had different writing prompts for each day of the year. I havent really looked through it since I dont want to get spoiled on what some of the prompts are, but its just basically a little prompt each day that gives you something to write about. Looking forward of starting that tomorrow, which would be the beginning of August, and just try to keep up with it daily - if I miss a day, I wont fret over it nor go back to it later, I will just ignore the missed days and continue forward. Its stressful, yes, but hopefully trying to not stress over the missed days will help at least somewhat with that thing.
4.3. And for those who havent been following the sideblog/writing blog in Tumblr ( everybody), I have finally decided to put down the mark on having Silence Kills translated and finished and everything to put it into the covers it deserves. Thats right. Over a year in the making so far, this thing is eventually going to be turned into a book. I regret nothing by that decision.

So basically to sum it up, everythings finally starting to fall into its place, I'm feeling content about everything right now and just.. Things are cool. Everythings fine for a change, I'm not really used to this feeling lmao.

added another entry, some more fave AUs in the list aaaaand spoiler alert, when the deadline is just one month away, there will be a special category revealed for a tiny contest within a contest thing yay! More about that at the end of next month tho!
I told you this was coming. Because yay. HAPPINESS NEEDS TO HAPPEN.
With fun categories and nice prizes? You bet your ass thats whats gonna happen!
So yeah! Since things are in a rut that I just need to get my mind into other things and want to feel happy and I have this whole thing all planned and whatnot, lets hold a contest. Why a birthday contest? Cause my birthday is about three months and a week away, so might as well! I mean, why not. I'm not going to be doing anything special for it anyways I know that already, mainly cause I dont like my birthdays, so whatever. Contest it is! <3
:star: RULES :star:
:bulletblue: Deadline for the contest is 31st of September! Which means you have about three months

.:Deviant Support Stamps - requests open:.It appears that I have mislocated my list of stamps that I was supposed to do and that were requested before.
So, in the light of the things right now, if there is someone who deserves a support stamp in your opinion and you want me to make one for them, just let me know! Either comment below or note me. (just so you know, I have right to say no for personal reasons. Holla)
Also before you request one please see the gallery of the made stamps so far so there wont be any double requests;

also in the light of this weekends events, seeing that its San Diego Comic Con weekend and all, I'll have plenty of time and multiple all-nighters to pull while I watch Maker's coverage of the stuff, so there might be plenty of art piled in your inboxes. Just so you know also if anyone is in SDCC or in the San Diego area, the Maker peeps are free to meet there you dont ne

.:OC interviews:.First of all, excuse possible typos, writing this with my phone is not very easy but I'm doing it now before I forget since I wont be at home in like four hours at least.
I remember having some unanswered questions somewhere but I cant remember for who and how many - I will be using them as questions as well tho when I get enough questions for these peeps to answer.
Basically just post questions for any and all of my OCs. No one is off limits, only the 'people I just made' folder is not going to be used for this. Every other fandom and non-fandom OCs you can ask questions from. I'll be posting them after they get at least a handful of questions, which is basically like three or four at least. Wooooooooo.
I dunno just ask away. No question is off limits!
//Just a sidenote, in case some people dont get enough questions on their own, like the non-fandom peeps or L4D peeps if they even get any at all to begin with, I will just put together a group interviews for them. HILARITY WILL ENSUE I

.:I feel like I'm so lucky:.If this gets sappy, I apologize. I just have been pondering this thing over for so long and I dont think I've ever actually really talked about it..? Only like in a half sentence mentioned it in Twitter once or twice, but I've never gotten around actually talking about this thing.
Cause, you know, we are on an ART site. On a site, in the net, where millions of people can view and criticize our work, the stuff that we do, the things we like, the things we talk about and so on. And this is not the only site for that either. There are other social media sites, like Tumblr and Twitter, other art sites like FanFiction net and so on. There are multiple places where you can share the stuff you make and where its available for all the people who know where to look for it, and since its on the Internet, its free for criticizing as harshly as these people who find that stuff feel like its worth.
With that said, I've been on the Internet for far too long. I'm part of that generation who grew up w

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