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Semi-hiatus for November woop
Artist | Literature
November hiatus! Going to concentrate on writing this years super long NaNoWriMo story, so I wont be around uploading thing or commenting on stuff, sorry! If you really need me for something, you can note me here or hit me up on Twitter or Tumblr or whatever, and I'll get back to you ASAP. Just so you know, I might be too busy to look at stuff if you have something for me, but I'm going to cherish the thought of you thinking I would be interested forever and get back to you about that stuff after November. Maybe. We'll see how much this story will take to complete!

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Powered up by chocolate and tea, and with a love for cats and video games and the likes. Heck yeah.

So hi my name is Pixi, you can call me that. Real name is for those to use who knows it aka close friends only. c: I'm 22 years old, I look like I'm 17 or something, but trust me I'm as old as I say, unfortunately. I dont like being this old.

I write, therefore I'm an aspiring a writer. Dont say you are an aspiring anything. Just say that you ARE an artist. It doesnt matter if you are good or bad at what you do, as long as you do that shit every day, you ARE AN ARTIST. Thank you to these inspirational words to one of the most important and inspiring men of my life, Leigh Daniel "Danny Y. Sexbang" Avidan.

Speaking of which, I am madly in love with a bunch of YouTubers. Does Game Grumps, Steam Train, Ninja Sex Party, JonTron, Dodger, Markiplier, ProJared and bunch of others say anything to you? Yes? No? Well gimme a holler I love all of them and you should too.

Talk to me. I'm nice. I think. Okay I'm annoying and clingy, but before that I'm pretty nice so yay. I also like making new friends so~!

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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 26, 2014, 5:02 AM
Tumblr l Twitter

This is kinda like an important thing so um yeah if you do read it thats splendid you know. Like, very.

Okay so yeah I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before, but since November is coming and like usually I'm going to be the little asshat I am and participate in NaNoWriMo, its going to mean that my dA activity will decrease wildly yay. At least I'm going to try doing that cause I've packed myself with a promise of aiming to do a double NaNo this year cause I have so much material to work with with this story, which basically means that I'm going to write twice the amount of words needed for the victory, at least. So the usual 50K goal stands, but my personal goal is to write twice of that which would mean 100K words. Oh goody.
But yeah, I have things set up mostly for Dream Reality, I kinda had a burn out moment yesterday trying to organize all the stuff and notes and separate chapter notes and character bios etc. into Scrivener (try it, the program is amazing) and at one point I just was so done with it that I'm not going to touch it until later next week, just to finish things off before November starts. I have my doubts about this story right now, but I'm not going to get into details about it, I'm just worried about few things. But hopefully I can rule those out after the story is done and I get into editing stuff and fixing my plotholes and stuff. god how I wish I could play Alan Wake right now for some motivation and inspiration ugh send help

Apart from that next month is going to be my final month in this trainee job, after this I've been there for six (and half to be specific, but that half doesnt count cause it was vacation time yay) months so my contract cant be renewed with them again, no matter how much we would all want it. Cause we cant be put as trainees on one place for longer than six months a max or else they will start thinking we are being used as free workers and thats no good. I cant be hired for this place cause they are a nonprofit organization and they dont take in paid employees, everything is done by the power of us trainees and a handful of volunteers.
So yeah, after next month I'm back on the track of job hunting full time (I've already sent out some applications so woo yay I'm just waiting to hear anything back from them) OR if they arrange me another trainee job I'm going to have to take that. Cause thats the kind of thing that is not up for me to decide if I wanna do the trainee thing or just remain unemployed instead cause that affects my money things and lets not talk about that cause that stuff is stressful. All I'm going to say, that since the last journal and the stress things, everythings more or less under control right now so theres nothing to worry about with money anymore yay!

And then its already December and Christmas time and gosh! Time flies so fast during the end of the year!

Thats like basically all of it. I'm going to keep myself hella busy next month, which means most likely no regular updates from my end. I'm trying to take the next five days to finish the most recent commissions (the writing things and the OC commission I have, to name the things) and hopefully some of the contest prizes now that I believe I have the full list in my notes on the newest things, but we'll see how well that ends up turning out especially now since I'm just all up for writing my boys which is not what I should be doing at all ugh forgive me these two have taken over my brain so badly. I'm also going to be emptying my inbox hopefully today so prep yourself for comments. Maybe. At least for bunch of faves. If you see me faving things from you and want me to comment on them, hit me up and I'll see what I can do!
So yeah if you dont see me around but need me for anything, hit me up with a note (I'll promise I'll be checking dA at least once a day, the same with Tumblr cause my activity there has decreased A LOT in the past week and I dont know why I'm just so done with the site most of the time right now) or tweet me or whatever. Twitter is probably your best bet cause I'll be over there a lot whining why everything, and especially me myself and I, sucks so badly. YAY NOVEMBER NANO STRESS.

That is all. You are dismissed now, I'm going to drink some tea and clear my inbox, cheers people I see you more actively at the beginning of December again!

///Heeeeeeeeeeey yeah apparently things got even more interesting for the rest of the year now then.
Since we got a notice today that our rent will increase AGAIN at the beginning of the year, its going to be hella lot more than what it has been so far - basically running it down, it would be almost three hundred per person to pay a month. Thats a lot for an apartment this size, sure its a bit bigger than your aware two rooms and a kitchen complex with a balcony and in such a nice spot, but its SO much more than what we actually can afford, and the rent money we get isnt going to increase forever. I was very vocal about it that I would really want to move out before I have to start paying way more than what I can afford to so I could actually still live through a month with the amount of money I make, but my brother is still just throwing that "we'll survive duh" bullshit at me which I'm not taking lightly cause its just going to thrown down at me still paying for everything and I'm not down with that. Nope nope nope nope nope I'm not going down that road.
So, there is a chance that I'll have to arrange a move and everything before the end of the year. That entirely depends how things are going to turn out with apartment hunt (I should go talk to the people we rent the place from to ask if they have smaller and cheaper options available for me [the reason I've been putting this off for so long now despite talking a lot about how I want my own place is purely because every single time I bring that up, everyone else except my dad tells me that then who will help my brother to live since hes just a poor student and blah blah blah I have to help him get his place too and what the fuck man thats NOT my problem if I'm out he can either try to keep this hole which he wont be able to do cause they wont give him nearly enough money to live here cause the place is far too big for just one person and they will notice that stuff, and apparently me going out on my own way will put him into trouble and people wont take that lightly. What the fuck is it my problem if this poor bitch cant take on the world what the hell I'm so fed up with this again oh god I'm so sorry]) and how fast I could get a place since last time it took about a month or two?? I dont remember.
But either way, thats also somewhere up there in the next few months cause I really dont want to pay more than what I can afford. I can barely keep the four of us up on the line at the moment with what I make, being basically unemployed and living off from that money ugh.

//Doing mental prepping for NaNoWriMo oh god its like half four in the morning and I'm dying BUT the basic outline with all the newly added subplots and such are finally added into the whole thing. Which basically.. Boiled down into 87 chapters and an epilogue. Dont look at me I have no idea how 53 chapters turned into 87 with just three separate subplots + few other separate pieces I added in ugh.
Gonna be busy November. Tomorrow I shall do the final edits to this and make it as perfect as my sanity allows it to become right now and then I will just wish for the best for November before I die cause writing this will definitely be a hella lot longer than just 50K words... Or even the 75K where I'm personally aiming this year. So yeah, if you are waiting for me to start editing and uploading this at some point soon after November.. Dont. Cause this'll take SO long to get done its going to be hilariously terrifying. Mark my words.
This is the final shoutout before November for yours truly. Cheers people, please note me or contact me via Twitter if you need me for absolutely anything and I'll get back to you ASAP when I stop being too busy with writing things. I love you all, have a fun month. Dont try this insanity at home, please. It'll ruin lives.

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I made cover banners for Dream Reality. Which one do you like better? 

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