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I just ship far too many cutie patooties together to be honest

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Artist | Literature

Powered up by chocolate and tea, and with a love for cats, video games, Youtubers and the likes. Absolutely ridiculous nerd to the millionth degree. Heck yeah.

So hi, my name is Pixi, you can call me that, tho I also respond to a various set of other variations of it, as well as other nicknames and pet names. Just clear things with me first.
Also a full time resident of Attitude City in Newton Haven.

Alternatively I go by the title of shipper (space [and forest]) pirate queen who reigns the silence that kills. You can also call me up as the ultimate rules breaker, AU enthusiast (read; addict) as well as a high class dealer, wannabe dolphin-mermaid girl, Fabergé egg hunter, ghost shamer in training, fucking magical as all hell, second rate smut dealer, member of the brick dealing ring, founder of the pan army, quite possibly the cutest unicorn wizard of all time, precious cinnamon roll too good for this world as declared by Dashie, Lori of the apocalypse, proud member of the Samurai Abstinence Patrol, patron saint of the Unicorn Wizard, heiress to the dragon slayer, the actual kawaii baroness, goddamn wannabe velociraptor bullshit, high appreciator of fine asses, owner of the black belt in amazing, and a graduate from the University of Keeping It Real. Trust me I'm just a regular girl I swear.

I write way too much, I ship things that I probably shouldnt, I start things that I never finish because I have too much on my plate already at all times, I'm overly ambitious which is not a good thing with me at all, I adore pretty men no matter if fictional or real, I have a need to ramble at all times, I swim in feels and shenanigans with my precious partner in crime like ALL the time, I'm addicted to loads YouTubers and I totally forgot the last thing I was going to say. This happens all the time. Oh yes and I'm extremely slow on answering to comments some times cause I get overwhelmed real easily and dont know what to say oh gosh.

Casually in love with the most important and inspirational man in my life, Leigh Daniel "Danny Y. Sexbang" Avidan. Hes my sweet potato ~

Speaking of which, I love bunch of dorks who play and film video games (and other fun and lames) for Youtube. Game Grumps, JonTron, Ninja Sex Party, Dodger, Markiplier, ProJared, Jesse Cox, The Completionist, as well as Cry, Jimmy Whetzel, Commander Holly, and probably bazillion other ones that I'm forgetting. There are so many oh god.

Talk to me. I'm nice. I think. Okay I'm annoying and clingy, but before that I'm pretty nice so yay. I also like making new friends so~!

Tl;dr version
Actual 'get to know me' with real answers

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.:More feature things:.

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 3, 2015, 8:20 PM
//hey yo this still has free slots in it like. i need something to do to keep myself occupied from stuff and like. yeah. just drop something down if you want one//

- For each of the 10 first people commenting on this journal, I will put up their avatar, tell you what I like most about their art and list three deviations I like the most from their gallery [also cause im a dweeb on a personal level, pleeeeease dont just put down like 'me' or 'can i get one' or something like that. originality is your strong point here. throw things at me. anything but those boring ordinary things yo]
- If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) on the first place  
- The point is to spread art and love! Have fun~

01. BubblyPunkBitch :iconbubblypunkbitch: BubblyPunkBitch
Striped Sweater by BubblyPunkBitch Kadence Graphic by BubblyPunkBitch Demi Lovato by BubblyPunkBitch
I could throw around the whole introduction about this girl but man I'm sure everyone by now knows all the hassle there is to my partner in crime and yeah. Yeah.
BUT. ART. LOOK AT THE PRETTY ART YAY <3 Just in general like her art is just so pretty and mmmmm you can never go wrong with some pretty men as seen on the left here! Gosh Jey is such a pretty in general and just gosh look at that. Look at all of that. The pose and that perfect outfit and that hair and just unf. Hes so pretty. <3 i was gonna add a shirtless man here but there wasnt any in the first two pages and i dont know why like how dare you Second up look at that precious manip like gosh. These are like SO GOOD and she looks so gorgeous and her hair is unbelievably beautiful and hot damn it just looks amazing okay. The colors and the natural look of the manip and everything just gosh. Its gorgeous. ALSO FANART. Because who doesnt love amazing fanart and trust me she can definitely pull bunch of amazing fanart together yep <3 And look at this. Its gorgeous yay. <3 Her lines are so pretty and her coloring is awesome and just yeah everything about this is just really cool okay <3

02. Autumn-Ellen-Lynn :iconautumn-ellen-lynn: Autumn-Ellen-Lynn
Annette Jones by Autumn-Ellen-Lynn Darin Pope by Autumn-Ellen-Lynn Leslie Smith bio manip by Autumn-Ellen-Lynn
First of all, look at that variety of things! Like gosh theres so many mediums and fandoms and everything to pick from, theres surely something for everybody to go around~ But yes, I have to say, the first picture on the left is one of my all time favorites to be honest. I just love the pose and the details are like super nice and the colors are gorgeous and she just looks so freaking pretty. Like gosh just look at that, its so nice <3 Also, did I say I like pretty men? Cause at this point its kinda obvious that I do so welp, of course there needs to be a pretty man included on this list. Besides like the first one its filled with gorgeous details and he just looks awesome and his hair is so neat and everything about this is such an eyecatcher tho. Like damn son, why are you so pretty~ Also had to add a manip to this list cause look at this. Look at this girls work. Her manips are amazing. They look great with all the edits and I'm so drawn to her eyes and all the colors here and just damn. This looks so awesome <3

03. LilMissTrickster :iconlilmisstrickster: LilMissTrickster
CM: Full of SurprisesViola let out a sigh as she sat on the bench to the bus stop, pulling The Phantom of the Opera from her bag. She opened the book where she had marked it and began reading where she had left off, barely paying attention to her surroundings. After reading for a few minutes, she heard someone take a seat next to her so Viola glanced up and noticed Alex sit down beside her.
Alex offered her a small smile then turned his attention skyward as if he were watching the clouds. Viola went back to reading, her eyes narrowed slightly as she started thinking. There was no way Alex had read this book before; it just wasn't his style. A small chuckle escaped the brunette at the thought and she shook her head lightly, her gaze still on the pages, her chuckle causing Alex to glance up, eyebrow raised.
"You know, I don't remember The Phantom of the Opera being funny in any way." Alex commented. At his words, Viola's attention snapped to him, brown eyes wide.
"You've read Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the O
 Morgan Berry by LilMissTrickster Last Memory by LilMissTrickster
..Apparently this journal skin doesnt like showing literature pieces. Are you kidding me with this.
But hey look. MORE PRETTIES YAY <3 She has such a wide selection of characters to choose from, its really hard to just pick one or two or whatever to show and talk about and hnggggg. Do you know how hard picking anything was here? ..Tho I was totally biased with the first one cause hey these kids are mine but just LOOK AT HOW FUCKING CUTE THEY ARE OKAY. They are like so precious holy shit and this is just so adorable and hngggggg its just so freaking cute alright. SO. CUTE. And look at the cute in the middle. How can you not be intrigued by him. Look at him and how adorable he is. He looks great already in the thumbnail and then you read his bio and you wanna know more about him and aaaaaaah gosh hes just so freaking neat. Goddammit. Also look at the double cuties on the right yo. DOUBLE. CUTIES. I know how hard drawing a person is but two people is even worse but daaaamn son they look great together <3 And just gosh look at the colors and the different looks on everyone and just hot damn why are there so many cuties to go around aaaah <3

04. badd-apple :iconbadd-apple: badd-apple
Jordan Soyinka (custom adopt for coughedfeathers) by badd-apple  'Fuck yeah, bro, I'll be your boyfriend'“Lucine, y-you fuck!” I gasped, panting and kneeling beside my best friend after running a mile and a half to get to him. I leaned against the concrete wall and could feel it vibrate with the bass of the music, and I could hear people yelling over it and glass clinking. Every weekend I’d end up at a party like this with Luce, but I thought he knew better than to risk the dangers of going alone.
“What are you doing here alone? You go to such a crowded, busy place and don’t even
tell me? You told me you weren’t going anywhere tonight! I didn’t think I needed to check
on you!” I shook his shoulders. He appeared lethargic and disassociated. I snapped my fingers in front of his face a couple of times and he jumped.
“Oh, Miles… What are you doing here? Where am I?” he mumbled, almost incoherently.
“To be honest, Luce, I barely even know. Ramira called me and told me she seen you here and said you were ALONE. I was in the
 gianni by badd-apple
Oooooooh boy. Where do I even start with all this pretty.
FIRST OF ALL YES HELLO NEW FRIEND <3 Second of all, just my god. All her things are just so cute. Especially her custom adopt (and well yeah really just all of her adopts in general) like goddamn look at her. She looks great, I really love her design and its unique and interesting and her style is just so adorable and neat. IT LOOKS SO NICE AH <3 im so gonna get one one day i swear to goddamn ALSO. Her writing is like suuuper nice. So if you havent read it yet I dont know what you are waiting for cause hot damn get with the program you are missing out on adorable little cutes confessing feelings for each other and its so freaking precious and cute and just yes. Just all the yes. Also her pixel style is just so awesome, and her characters are original and I love their designs so much and my gosh just look at that precious little Gianni over there. He just looks so awesome and his story seems really interesting and I love it how it ties together with the Halloween-y design and everything and just goddamn he is awesome. Everything is awesome. I like. I like a lot~ <3


.:NaNoWriMo Survival Guide:.

Sat Oct 3, 2015, 7:14 PM
Quick disclaimer before anything else, not all of this works for every single person. I'm just really giving out couple of pointers that I've found out to be helpful for at least myself throughout the month of November to fight through the chore of writing a 50K word novel in 30 days. I'm also not a pro at this, I've only been doing this yearly since 08 so thats about that. I'm just doing things I barely know how anything works beyond that.

Right. So I thought about this thing since I know I have at least a couple of friends wanting to tackle the NaNoWriMo this year in the upcoming November, and yes I know this is a bit early for that but hey the earlier you start the preparation the better things hopefully end up, you know? 
Which like, immediately, takes us to a very important topic.


What do you need for NaNoWriMo, you ask? The basic set is something to write on, an idea, and dedication to write 50,000 words in 30 days during the month of November. Thats you VERY basic kit of things you are going to need. It doesnt matter at all whether you write by hand or on computer or on your phone or whatever, the most important thing is that you WRITE those words somewhere. Also despite the fact that it is called the National NOVEL Writing Month, making a novel is not necessary. Many people do it in form of collection of short stories or poems etc. instead. But, the basic concept caters towards the novel, really. But as long as you get those words done, you are good to go.

Now, I'm just gonna talk about the novels and such here cause thats the basic idea and thats what I'm used to so hey yeah thats a thing. Whatever. Anyways, it all starts with an idea. You have an idea you want to novel about? The start jolting things done on notebooks or some kind of writing program or any piece of paper you find - in the planning process, there are no bad ideas. None whatsoever. Just write everything down somewhere as they come, just so you dont forget about them. Even if it feels like it doesnt fit to the possible future project, who knows you might find it some use after all, or maybe even later on fit it into some future project. There. Are. NO. Bad. Ideas. Every idea is worth of jolting down. Every single one.
And if you dont have ideas, there are probably millions of prompt sites everywhere in the internet. Also Tumblr is a really good friend for finding writing prompts. I'm gonna have a list of some resources that I use at the bottom in case you need any.
And if you are at a point where you already have an idea you want to use, start jolting down specific ideas for it. Again, no ideas are bad ideas, just jolt everything down that comes to mind. And if you cant think of anything, again I'm going to throw prompts at you. Go search something nice, tap down some really neat ideas, develop them further for story plot points or maybe sideplots. Prompts are really helpful man.

When you reach the point with your idea that you know what happens in your storyline, even just a little bit stuff like the beginning and the end, possibly some key points in the middle of the story (this is entirely optional at this point tho but if you do, thats super neat), start building up the "red line" so to speak for your story, the main path it follows. You can use any writing program for this, tho I personally highly recommend Scrivener for this process. The program is on 30 day free trial, and before you come yelling at me that thats not gonna last you through NaNo, trust me, it will. Its 30 days, and each 24 hours you have it open counts as a day. I got my copy of the trial version last October and I still have 17 days of it left. Trust me, it'll last on you unless you have it open 24/7, which I highly doubt. I used it for NaNo last year, kept it open all the time while I was writing, and it still lasted. Trust me, you'll love it. It might be a bit hard to figure out at first, but if you are patient enough to play around with it and watch the tutorial of it, you can eventually make up chapter notes and later on without much of a hassle, edit them and reorganize them as you wish, without having to edit the whole story or the entire document. Plus, if you use it for actual writing, you dont have to go in order of chapters without messing you up, since each chapter can easily be divided as their own separate section. You'll see what I mean if you decide to check it out. But, its optional, and whatever program you wanna use is entirely fine, whatever you feel comfortable with working our outline with should be neat enough for you~
So yes. Make an outline. It doesnt need to be perfect, as long as you have SOMETHING down that'll help starting and carrying on the process. Beginning and the ending should be the most important, plus some keyplot points in the middle so you have something to work towards at all times. But those and the stuff in between can be added at any point, so if you dont have them immediately, or even at the beginning of November, dont worry about it. The story will open itself for you even without all the details and information when you start working on it.

Now, I understand some people write better without an outline or anything, and with just an idea in their head. And thats entirely fine, if thats your style, you go people and you roll with that attitude cause that is badass. Personally, I've found out that since I started doing outlines for my stuff instead of just knowing in my head what was happening, and in general started to put more thought into the happenings in the story and what leads to them, I have managed to get a lot farther with both the stories I'm doing, and the word counts in NaNo. So, I'd personally recommend doing it, but if you are not up to it, thats your deal. You go do you, person, I know you'll still be awesome at it.


This might sound like its such an obvious thing - the goal is obviously to write 50,000 words in 30 days, right? Well, yes, that is the ultimate goal that you should always always ALWAYS drive for.
However. Its also very important to have tinier goals for yourself along the way. Start with little ones, for the first day, at least get over the par (1,666 words). The next day the par again or maybe more. 5K is a line where its a worth of celebration already. Every five or ten thousand words is celebration worthy. Halfway through is a huge thing. And especially that 50K when you eventually reach it.
Shortly put, have little goals on the way that you can celebrate somehow when you cross them. As well as have daily goals, with both words and progress. Finish this chapter today? Do it, and reward yourself with something. Write 2,000 words today? Do that, and reward yourself.
For every accomplishment, no matter how big or small(!), remember to celebrate and reward yourself. Its unbelievably motivating thing to do. Even if you dont reach the daily goal, if you write something, its worth of celebrating. It'll help you carry on with things. Trust me, it works. Or even if you dont write anything, celebrate having a free day to recharge your batteries. NEVER beat yourself up over failing to reach something, theres ALWAYS time to catch up and more days time to write. Theres ALWAYS something to reward yourself about, to keep that motivation going.

Also making personalized rewards is really nice. You want to buy something nice? Make it clear to yourself that when you get to a certain point, you'll get that. You want to have a break? Push yourself to the limit and write up to that one set point and then take a really rewarding break. Reward yourself with little things with tinier goals, and bigger rewards for like huge word counts a day, halfway point, every ten thousand after that (or all the time, whichever works!) and so forth. Always always always reward yourself with your accomplishments since nothing is too big or small when it comes to NaNoWriMo.

Oh, yeah, and NEVER think the goal you set for yourself is unrealistic. This thing is actually doable and the 50K (or more!! I know someone who has written over million words in the 30 days so yeah, ITS REAL) is achievable! I know it sounds like a lot and looks like a really terrifying number but yep, its a thing. And you can do it. Little steps at the time, dont think of the 50K, especially since in most cases you'll get over it anyways, but just little by little. You'll get there. Remember the tinier goals on the way and focus on those one at a time. I'm sure you'll make it <3


Okay, but THIS is really an important part of this whole deal. Trust me, finding like minded people to cry over about this and talk about plans and musing and whatnot is REALLY important and it works. It fucking works dude. Just trust me on this.
Find yourself like minded people. Well, it really doesnt even have to be like minded people, as long as they are the kind of people who you can talk about your writing and your characters and your plans and they'll listen and try to help with possible struggles etc. Find people you can talk to about this thing cause its important to be able to share the struggles and happy feels about everything with someone.
For one that I recommended that is right down this alley, the NaNoWriMo forums. You can set your region in your profile settings which will then again show you to the forums around that are set for your region - I'm not exactly sure how it works out for people in bigger countries, especially in the US, but for my tiny Finland we just have one region that covers the entire country and, like, yeah. Filled with conversation about your stories and characters, where you can ask for help and advice and opinions and/or just chat away for stress relieve etc. Trust me, it really works. You can find like minded people over there, as well as someone who is bound to be interested in what you are writing and willing to help you. And its not just limited to your region either, there are bunch of forums around where you can waltz around and ask for help or, my personal favorites, the adoption threads - where people are offering out ideas and characters and plots and dialogue lines to use etc. that you can take and use in your own text, either like they are or tweak them for your purposes. Absolutely amazing for inspiration people, I tell you.

Or if nothing else works, I'm always here! Might not be as active during November cause I am insane and have crazy plans for my word count, but I'll be damned if someone needs me I'm always up for things. ALWAYS.


Alright this is kinda just here for fun and lames, but I have found all these things included to be really helpful with the process, so!
Basically this is just a list of more materialistic things that you can have around to help the progress ~
:bulletblack: depending on if you work better with or without music, have the noise of your choice going on. I find it really helpful personally if I put on headphones of the biggest size I can find and blast music as loud as I can so I cant hear myself type anymore, and just drown in the moment with the blasting music and the scene I'm working on. Doesnt work for everyone, but I suggest trying it out. Or if silence is your friend, make sure you have a calm enough environment with limited amounts of distractions
:bulletwhite: some kind of story randomizer. I feel like this needs a bit more explaining. Occasionally you might get stuck with your story, not knowing where to go next or what happens. Here where the randomizers come in. The three things I've heard to be really popular so far include story dices, magical 8 ball, and tarot cards. Basically have one of the three at hand, and roll a dice to decide the next action, magical 8 ball to determine yes or now in a situation, or pick a card to imply what might happen next
:bulletblack: something to drink. I personally prefer tea or something with a lot of sugar, cause high up in sugar or caffeine is the best way to get energy and just write. If you drink alcohol, I've heard being slightly tipsy really helps too, tho I have no personal experience on that behalf so its hard to say
:bulletwhite: something to snack on. Basically the same as the previous one. Plus it just makes it easier to have things at hand (and reward yourself with them!!) than getting up every now and then, stop the process and get something to eat. Just make sure you focus more on the writing progress than eating tho

I'm probably going to add more to this later on, but those are the main essentials.


Just stuff that doesnt fit into any other major category.
:bulletblack: ALWAYS reserve time for writing
:bulletwhite: Personally I'd prefer writing the needed 1,666 words on a daily basis instead of purposely skipping days to write +3000 words the next day to catch up on daily count
:bulletblack: Make sure your work environment is the kind that works for you. Make sure to clean before November starts so you dont have to stress that, have a nice place where you can work, a personal space and enough room for you and your survival items and everything else
:bulletwhite: You know what people say about writing only about topics that you know about? Thats not true. Cross your own lines, but make sure to make enough research BEFOREHAND to be prepared for writing such things. Nothing is ever off your limits just because you dont know about it. Take the preparation time to learn about things that you are interested in writing about
:bulletblack: Write as much as you can during the first couple of days/the first week. Second week is always the one where it starts to get to you, where your speed starts to fade. Thats where you need those extra words you still had the spirit to put together during the first week. Trust me, it happens, but DO NOT let it discourage you! You can do it <3 if for nothing else come to me and i'll throw things at you that motivated me the most during my week two moments and it'll be better again i swear
:bulletwhite: DO NOT EDIT THE STORY DURING NOVEMBER. No, do not edit ANYTHING. Theres a spelling error? Goddammit do not touch it unless you absolutely have to, just leave it in. You dont figure out a name for this character yet? Just put some kind of mark there ([insert name] works really well for example) and just keep repeating it until you figure out a name for them, and then later just easily find and replace them in the document. Dont know how this scene goes? Fuck it, jump to another one. As long as you dont stop, and try to fix things or think that this wont do cause reason x or whatever, you are good to go. Do not think. WRITE. Thats all what November is about, the editing and dying over how bad your text is comes during December. November is for writing. So use it for just that. Writing
:bulletblack: Personal stuff comes first, writing second. If you had hard time or anything that'll get into the way of writing, dont take it the hard way. You deal with yourself first, make sure you are fine and healthy and then decide on this crazy challenge. Dont feel bad for dropping out if that happens - be fucking proud with how far you got and that you even in the first place tried to do this. That is all that matters and no matter what, I'm proud of you if no one else isnt <3
:bulletwhite: Its also entirely alright if you want to change your plans and change a story like halfway through. Remember that you can still keep on adding to the word count of the previous story, you dont have to erase all the progress and all the words you have so far just because you are changing the story in the middle of the month! Or even before! Even if you start with one story and change it into another two days into the month, you still count the words from the first story. ALL the words you write in November for any story counts towards the 50K total word count
:bulletblack: AND LASTLY AND ALSO FIRST AND FOREMOST THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. Alright? Dont take stress over any of it. Dont reach the goal? It was for fun and games anyways. Didnt make the daily goal? Always more days to catch up and hey its still for fun and games. I know it gets stressful with all the management and stuff but like. Think the light at the end of the tunnel. The feeling of achievement no matter how far you get. You did it. You wrote a 50,000 word novel. Or if not, you wrote X word novel. You wrote something that could be called a NOVEL. Think about it. you put effort on that stuff and you did it. Entirely on your own. With your own time. With your own hands. Volunteerly. My god you are already a winner in my eyes if you are considering joining in on this madness, trust me

That should be all for now? I'm gonna have some links down below for stuff and things mentioned everywhere above, and if you have recs for links (for like really good prompt sites and such) or questions or more to add to this or whatever, drop them down in the comments~

NaNoWriMo site
NaNoWriMo forums
Adoption society forums (NaNoWriMo)
One sentence prompts
Story idea generators
Story idea generators 2

Magic 8 ball
Tarot cards (gives you an option to pull just one card with an explanation, the best i could find but google is your friend if you want more)

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OKAY NO BUT GUYS. Did you know that Dan actually does music outside of his comedy bands? 

No deviants said He has been in two bands before either NSP or Starbomb and just yep those are more like serious things and whatnot
No deviants said Apparently tho they have now revived one of his old bands Skyhill with a new single
No deviants said And its beautiful and amazing and have a thing cause I love it and I am in tears
No deviants said…


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coughedfeathers Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday, doll! :iconballoonsplz::iconcakeplz: Hope it's a good one~

it's like half midnight over here so I can come over and say this yay
MistressHarper Featured By Owner 4 hours ago   Writer
Thank you dear! <3 I'm probably just gonna chill with some video games today so it should be a perfect one, yush~ c:
i remembered right then that you are two hours behind me in time haaaa
coughedfeathers Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!
and yep, it's like just over five to one or something now and i'm tired so i'm probably gonna sleep soon
MistressHarper Featured By Owner 4 hours ago   Writer
yep, sounds about right since my clock just hit three. you go have a nice sleep then~ c:
DashieBases Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
ok happy early b-day
hope you get tons of love and nice things bc you deserve it bc youre a sweetie <333
idk how old you turn damn i suck im so sorry--
but still aaa ;v;
imma see if i can do something ;;!!

funny fact, you have the same b-day as my gf. Idk why I just find it funny
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