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Artist | Literature
 photo allpixelgrumps_zps4dfef696.png ::AT:: Danny Game Grumps Page Doll by littleblackmariah



Powered up by chocolate and tea, occasional drunk. Not very often tho. Like once a year, tho I love drinking games. We have a very complicated relationship, dont ask.

So hi my name is Pixi, you can call me that. Real name is for those to use who knows it aka close friends only. c: I'm nearly 22 years old, I look like I'm 17 or something, but trust me I'm as old as I say, unfortunately. I dont like being this old.

I write, therefore I'm an aspiring a writer. Dont say you are an aspiring anything. Just say that you ARE an artist. It doesnt matter if you are good or bad at what you do, as long as you do that shit every day, you ARE AN ARTIST. Thank you to these inspirational words to one of the most important and inspiring men of my life, Leigh Daniel "Danny Y. Sexbang" Avidan.

Speaking of which, I am madly in love with a bunch of YouTubers. Does Game Grumps, Steam Train, Ninja Sex Party, JonTron, Dodger, Markiplier, ProJared and bunch of others say anything to you? Yes? No? Well gimme a holler I love all of them and you should too.

Talk to me. I'm nice. I think. Okay I'm annoying and clingy, but before that I'm pretty nice so yay. I also like making new friends so~!

To do list stamp -comission- by RanStamps

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Okay hey, just a heads up, if I dont get things done very fast there are two main reasons;
1. I have Netflix. And Elementary. Which is the most perfect goddamn portrayal of Sherlock Holmes I could have ever asked for. I love this show and I'm halfway through the first season so I'm watching this like few episodes on daily basis and I mean really WATCHING it so it takes a lot of my time and I LOVE IT oops
and 2. I know I should priorities my things, but it has been such a long time since I've been feeling like writing as often as I do these days, whenever I get a writing mood for anything, I will try to take my time and write instead of working on things that I should do. I know yes terrible, prioritize woman dammit, but to me if I'm inspired to do something, that comes first before things that make me feel worse than doing something I really wanna do. Terrible, again, yes. I KNOW

Speaking of which, I've been in a huge fluff and smut mood recently, and I havent really gotten things up here cause of reasons (mainly cause I'm not that comfortable of sharing my [terrible, mind you] smut with many people and also cause I'm writing fics that I have a better place elsewhere yay), but I indeed am writing on more decent speed again. Kinda prepping my senses back in the gear for NaNo I suppose. Which I'm still not entirely sure what I'm gonna do with, I still have Dream Reality's outline to finish but I havent bothered my head with that for some time now cause it makes me feel bad for not being able to do anything with it cause I'm so low on idea about it. Hah.
Anyways so yeah, I might publish some little fluff things depending on what I write, if I get anything smuttier done Becky you can at least trust me to link stuff to you cause it'll most likely feature at least at some points some of your characters if you know my plans including some of them but either way I will most likely link you stuff if I get it done, just a heads up~!
As for other fanfic stuff, everything goes to AO3. I dunno, I've gotten some of them up here, the most recent Grumps stuff in other words, but they have a bigger audience over at AO3 so they'll continue to go there. I might take the ones here down at some point as well, I only have like two things here but blergh. So yeah if you are interested for that account, its all in here~

I'm pretty sure there was something else but its slipping my mind. If Elementary or working on actual things wont keep me too busy tomorrow, I shall finally clear my inbox. I already went through things and arranged all reading stuff into a folder and faved stuff and left everything that I'm going to comment on, so everything is arranged ready for tomorrow. I'm gonna get through everything and hopefully answer back to most comments that I have. I might delete some older ones if I dont find anything else worth while to comment on them than just simple thank yous (thats honestly the biggest reason I most of the time dont answer anything to comments..), but I try to get to most of them at least. We'll see how fast I get bored or my hands try to fall off now that fall is officially here so its just the matter of time when my skin issues really start again.. Yay cant wait.

Whatever. Cheers you lovely people~
(Oh yes and a week time to enter into the contest, there will be NO extensions unless I get like a really amazing explanation for someone needing one. Just saying cause then it will kinda destroy the purpose of a birthday contest and all, ya know? Either way, all info is here)

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