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Mar 1, 2015
12:52 pm
Mar 1, 2015
9:20 am
Feb 28, 2015
7:56 pm
Feb 27, 2015
5:18 pm
Feb 27, 2015
8:22 am

Recommend me games ~ 

No deviants said Have I asked this before, I'm not sure
No deviants said Either way, anything goes. Preferred platforms are PS3 (and PS2 too really) and DS but anything goes really
No deviants said Or Wii U. Just no XBox anything cause I dont have any of those thingssss
No deviants said But yeah just throw in some games or series' or whatever I need new things to check out
No deviants said (if it helps to narrow down things I'm currently playing Catherine and finished Assassin's Creed Brotherhood a little while back)
No deviants said (to put out there how from side to side I can go with liking these things)



Shipper pirate queen aye
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Powered up by chocolate and tea, and with a love for cats and video games and the likes. Heck yeah.

So hi my name is Pixi, you can call me that. Real name is for those to use who know it. c: I'm 22 years old, I look like I'm 17 or something, but trust me I'm as old as I say, unfortunately. I dont like being this old.

I answer to the titles of shipper pirate queen who reigns the silence that kills, the second-rate smut dealer and ultimate rules breaker. Also AU enthusiast is a yes-yes.

I write way too much, I ship things that I probably shouldnt, I start things that I never finish because I have too much on my plate already at all times, I'm overly ambitious which is not a good thing with me at all, I adore pretty men no matter if fictional or real, I have a need to ramble at all times, I swim in feels and shenanigans with my precious partner in crime like ALL the time, I'm addicted to loads YouTubers and I totally forgot the last thing I was going to say. This happens all the time. Oh yes and I'm extremely slow on answering to comments some times cause I get overwhelmed real easily and dont know what to say oh gosh.

I write, therefore I'm an aspiring a writer. Dont say you are an aspiring anything. Just say that you ARE an artist. It doesnt matter if you are good or bad at what you do, as long as you do that shit every day, you ARE AN ARTIST. Thank you to these inspirational words to one of the most important and inspiring men of my life, Leigh Daniel "Danny Y. Sexbang" Avidan.

Speaking of which, I love bunch of dorks who play and film video games (and other fun and lames) for Youtube. Game Grumps, JonTron, Ninja Sex Party, Dodger, Markiplier, ProJared, Jesse Cox, The Completionist and so forth. There are so many oh god.

Talk to me. I'm nice. I think. Okay I'm annoying and clingy, but before that I'm pretty nice so yay. I also like making new friends so~!

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Sun Mar 1, 2015, 2:23 AM

I'm sorry to that one person who voted that its too early for this and the other people who dont want to see me do this but I just really feel like I'm in a point of life where I wanna do this again. Oopsie doo last time was in October so here we go.

:star: GENERAL RULES :star:

:bulletwhite: You dont have to be a watcher to enter, its a free game for everyone!
:bulletblack: You can make as many entries as you want, there is no limit to that, but you can only win ONE (1) place/honorary mention since otherwise it wouldnt be fair.
:bulletwhite: Also remember, quality over quantity - it doesnt mean that if you submit the most entries its an automatic win if I just find someone's one work better than your five. Please keep this in mind.
:bulletblack: When submitting your entry, please mention its for the contest and which category (since there are two to choose from) its for so that I know. Also the entry must be something posted AFTER this contest announcement went up, aka all entries have to be newly made for the contest.
:bulletwhite: All entries have to be linked to me either via comments somewhere on the Internet or notes through dA cause I dont use the mention system so its just fair that I get every thing the same way so that I dont miss any. Its just a fair game.
:bulletblack: If I dont pick your entry/ies for the whatever the places you want, dont get mad at me. Its my contest, I choose the winners depending on multiple aspects so its not playing favor games here. I'm not picking through who I like the most or who hasnt won anything recently/ever, I'm picking the ones most fitting to the given categories, how creative they are etc. Dont be mad at me or the others, thats not cool.
:bulletwhite: You CAN do NSFW things and gore if you want to as long as its in a good taste, you have the proper warnings attached and it follows the rules set by dA! If you want to confirm what is acceptable amount of either, you can always note me a WIP of your entry to clarify things with me.
:bulletblack: At least for now, the DEADLINE WILL BE AT THE END OF JULY. It might change due to my situation that I'm still unaware of, but that gives you at least like full four (4) months time to get things done, possibly even more since if it will be moved, the deadline will go further into the distance.
:bulletwhite: For any questions, drop me a note or a comment and I'll get back to you to the best of my ability.

And now to the fun part..

:star: CATEGORIES :star:

:bulletpink: CATEGORY 1 - SUE IT UP :bulletpink:
Your task; take up any of my characters, and turn them into a Mary Sue in whatever the way you wish to do so!
Allowed mediums; traditional and digital art, writing (500 word minimum), crafting, photography etc. Everything goes!
Not allowed mediums; ---
My OC's you can use; absolutely any and all of them are free for this game

Additional info;
First off, if you dont know what a Mary Sue is, please have a look over here;… or basically just google anything about Mary Sues and you'll find your answer.
But yes, basically we are talking about those overly perfect characters who are the chosen ones in whatever the lore, can break the rules without any consequences to themselves whatsoever, have all the members of opposite (and why not the same too and everyone in between!) fall on their feet and confess their undying love for them...
So, basically, take any of my characters that you wish, and turn them into a Mary Sue in whatever the way you wish to do so!
You can, for example,
- add up to their hair color (like, if they are from a certain fandom setting, give them a totally unmatching color just because its makes them so fucking cool/cute/whatever!)
- give them a tragic backstory that doesnt play any role in their story apart from making the character so sad ("my parents abandoned me so i have issues but i'm only telling you about it to get comfort from you!")
- radical change to their look just to make them cute
- have million love dramas going on at the same time and have the character be ever so conflicted who they really love because "omg everyones so hot"
- give them a new name that totally Sues them up cause my names are unoriginal and boring heck yeah
- just... I dont even know anymore, leave them as they are cause they are already a Sue and rub it in my face cause I dont care?
Thats like few examples, I'm sure people who are familiar with this concept can pull more examples out and make it work! All characters are up for this task, you dont even have to change their looks if you dont want to, you can like write them in a situation that totally makes them into a Sue. Everything is changeable in the characters that you want, as long as they are recognizable in some way (aka you cant change EVERYTHING, just give them some Sue aspects to make them passable enough as a Mary Sue/Gary Stu/whatever you wanna call them)

:bulletpink: CATEGORY 2 - ENDLESS SUES :bulletpink:
Your task; create your own Mary Sue for the Endless trilogy by yours truly!
Allowed mediums; traditional and digital art, writing (500 word minimum), crafting, photography etc. Everything goes!
Not allowed mediums; ---
My OC's you can use; ---

Additional info;
For the Endless trilogy, for those unaware, see everything here
Okay so for this one, instead of picking up one of my characters to draw, you have to create a Sue of your own. Something fitting for the trilogy - or unfitting, whichever goes better for your Sue, as long as its in some relation having something to do with the trilogy. Or you can take up one of your characters and Sue 'em up for the trilogy. It doesnt really matter as long as the character is NOT one of mine that you use for this category.
I'm not going to give examples for this part now cause I'm afraid people might just pop down to the list I make instead of coming up with their own creative Sues, but if there appears to be trouble, hit me up and I can give up few examples of things. Lets just say... Lover and sisters are popular ones. To get you started on things ~ Also you can pick hints from the above category. Or just see any fandom Sues and thats pretty much it except this is not a popular fandom but works much the same way.

For any questions, just hit me up. I know I explain these kinda crappily yes I'm aware, but its haaaaaaard since I dont want to put out everything out there immediately, I want people to think outside the box with it too.

Either way, to the final thing, the prizes!

:star: PRIZES :star:

:star: 1ST PLACE
:bulletpink: 3 month premium membership from me
:bulletpink: 60 points from me
:bulletpink: 2 digital drawings of your choice from me (max 2 people/drawing)
:bulletpink: set of 10 icons of your choice from me
:bulletpink:marshmallow chibi from littleblackmariah

:star: 2ND PLACE
:bulletpink: 2 month premium membership from me
:bulletpink: 40 points from me
:bulletpink: 2 digital drawings of your choice from me (only 1 person/drawing)
:bulletpink: set of 5 icons of your choice from me

:star: 3RD PLACE
:bulletpink: 1 month premium membership from me
:bulletpink: 20 points from me
:bulletpink: 1 digital drawing of your choice from me (only 1 person/drawing)
:bulletpink: set of 5 icons of your choice from me

:star: HONORARY MENTION/S (depending on how many entries there is, I might pick more of these)
:bulletpink: 20 points from me
:bulletpink: set of 5 icons of your choice from me OR a stamp of your choice from me

In case anyone wants to donate prizes, let me know!
I'll be personally adding more to this when I know what I'm capable of offering closer to the deadline so stay tuned!

:star: ENTRIES :star:

For any questions, drop a comment down below or note me and I'll get back to you to the best of my ability!
And remember have ffffffuuuuuunnnnnnn with everything! Thats the most important part. <3


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